How Is It Done?

Our research project is in active search for »good practices« in firms and other organizations, and, at the same time, a theoretical framework is developed which allows to explain the creative potential of working with objects in meetings, workshops, trainings and art interventions. For example, in meetings objects might be used as »illustrative material« (e.g. showing potential problems in a prototype). But objects might also be used to clarify the wording of participants. An example is »serious play«, where the participants symbolize their ideas with toy bricks. Furthermore, objects can work as creative element in workshops and trainings. Finally, there are art interventions taking place for longer time spans, for example, when artists in residence accompany the daily life in a company environment.

It is the target of our empirical studies to identify successful practical applications in which objects inspire and channelize discussions or open up new perspectives. In this process we are approaching the good practice in small and do not stay mere passive observers but, for example, bring in ideas. Arists support us in the development of actual workshop formats as they are experts in the transformation of ideas in material and sensual experience.

For the analysis of the object workshop, among participant observation we also use video analysis in order to be able to capture body language. Additionally, we will be interviewing participants, the management and the artists.

>> What Is the Outcome?

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